And That’s A Wrap…

For at least now that is!

With the summer approaching, I am making a promise to myself to get outside more and actually do things! I know, this is quite major. So, sadly I have to step away from my computer screen and take a little break from Netflix.

But, that does not mean I will be gone forever! There will always be those days when I just need to curl up with a bag of popcorn (or two) and just have a nice movie marathon. This means I will be needing your help! Throughout these past few weeks I have served as your ultimate movie guide. And now it is your turn!! I want you guys to explore Netflix, try something new. When you do, I wanna hear all about it. Give me some great movie suggestions, or even what movies to stay away from. What made you laugh, what made you cry, or what made you absolutely yawn. Share everything with me. I need to start building up my “must watch” list and would love you guys to help me.

Until next time my fellow movie lovers.


Oh, what a Rascal!

If you’re reading this then you must know what time it is. Yes, it is movie time!

As I was looking through my recent posts, I realized that I have given you guys some emotionally heavy  stuff to watch. So, I decided I should take it easy on your hearts this weekend and decided to give you a comedy.

This week I watched the adorable and hilarious 1994 film The Little Rascals. This movie focuses on the adventures of a group of mischievous and absolutely precious neighbourhood children. To paint a picture for you, I’ll start off by giving you some of these children’s names: Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, Froggy, Stymie, and Porky. The names itself already start off the movie right. Oh, and I can not forget their little faces!


This group of young boys certainly act very much like adults in their own little bodies. Spanky is the president of the “He-Man Woman Haters Club” with many school-aged boys from around the neighborhood as members. Nothing speaks little boy than an anti-girl club. Ew, cooties! Alfalfa, Spanky’s best friend, has been chosen to be the driver for the club’s prize-winning undefeated go-kart, “The Blur”, in the upcoming Soap Box Derby go-kart race. Unfortunately, when the announcement is made at the club meeting that Alfalfa is to be the driver, it is discovered that Alfalfa is nowhere to be found.

Imagine a bunch of five-year-olds gathering daily to hold meetings? Come on, this is good for the soul!

When the boys go to find Alfalfa, they discover him in the company of his sweetheart Darla, whom he is forbidden to be in love with because she is a girl and that is against club rules. Makes sense, right? However, I gotta say that Alfalfa and Darla are one hell of a couple. Alfalfa invites Darla on a picnic, and to prove his devotion to her he agrees to have the picnic inside the He-Man Woman Haters Clubhouse. Awwwww! At the picnic, Alfalfa and Darla think they are alone, but the other club members secretly pull several silly pranks from behind the scenes to sabotage their romantic date. Who dares interferes with romance!? Little, mischevious Spanky that is.

As any boy would, Alfalfa is nervous that his friends will kick him out of the club and not want to be his friend anymore. So, he insists that Darla hides in the closet until the other boys leaves. But, what girl would want her boyfriend to be ashamed of her! Darla may have yet to hit puberty but boy is she smart. As any wise girl would, Darla dumps Alfalfa and turns her attention to the new boy in town, Waldo. Darla is one giant ball of sass and she deserves someone who will treat her right! This movie holds my heart because these little kids are depicted as adults but still hold the cutest child like qualities.


After Alfalfa accidently burns down their club house, Spanky, Stymie, and the others punish Alfalfa by assigning him to guard the club’s prized go-kart day and night until the day of the race. If you’re anything like me, at this point you would be saying “where are these children’s parents!?”.

Love struck, Alfalfa makes several attempts to woo back Darla, including sending her a fake love note. When that attempt fails, Alfalfa decides to pay her a visit in person at her ballet recital. Spanky accompanies him, but only to try to convince him to permanently break it off with her. What are friends for?? While trying to find Darla so they can speak with her they are pursued by the neighborhood bullies, Butch and Woim. The only way they can hide from them is by dressing up in costumes and pretending to be girls in the ballet recital, which causes them to turn the performance into a complete disaster and are eventually laughed off stage. I’d have to say, this may have been my favorite scene in the movie. You guys will agree once you watch it.

At the carnival talent show the day before the race, Alfalfa once again tries to win Darla back, this time through song, being that Darla mentioned after she dumped him that the only thing she ever really missed about him was his voice. Waldo however, Darla’s new boyfriend, spoils Alfalfa’s attempts to serenade her by putting soap in his drinking water, causing him the embarrassment of burping out very large bubbles all throughout his song. I mean, just writing this is making me laugh all over again. Nothing beats innocent humor.

The boys try to fund-raise $450, the cost of the lumber needed to rebuild their burnt-down clubhouse. Once again, they are such mini adults! Due to Alfalfa’s carelessness, “The Blur” is eventually stolen by Butch and Woim, so that now, in addition to having to rebuild the clubhouse, the boys now need a new set of wheels.They band together to build “Blur 2: The Sequel,” and prior to race day, Spanky and Alfalfa reconcile their friendship and decide to ride in the two-seat go-kart together.


I think I adore this movie so much because of how carefree it is. These kids deal with such “big ” problems but they are so senseless. It is such an innocent movie that it brings utter joy. In a wild dash to the finish, and despite the many scrapes and crashes throughout the race, “The Blur 2” crosses the finish line ahead of the pack in a photo-finish between “The Blur and “The Blur 2” literally by a hair, due to Alfalfa’s pointy hairstyle. I bet you are gonna rethink ridiculing someone’s “alfalfa” hair next time.

After the race, Butch and Woim are angry and jealous towards Alfalfa because he won the trophy and the prize money. They attempt to beat him up, but Alfalfa finally stands up for himself and punches Butch in the face, knocking him into a giant pool of pig slop. Go Alfalfa!

After the club house is rebuilt, the boys collectively have a change of heart towards membership and they decide to welcome Darla and friends as well as other girls into the club, adding a “Women Welcome” sign onto the front door.


How could you not miss those innocent and cootie infested childhood days?

That is why this movie is a classic that must be watched by all of you. It transports you back to those easier days and will certainly make you laugh. These kids are so young yet they are so talented! I admire them all. I must also note that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen make an appearance which is the ultimate throwback. So, if you are like me stressing over finals and need a mind break, then this movie is for you! Put your worries away for an hour or two and relax and watch some little Rascals!

Until next time my fellow movie lovers. As always, please share your opinions with me! I would love nothing more than to hear what you guys have to say.


‘My Girl loves Netflix’

April showers bring May flowers! And what better way to spend your rainy days then with a new Netflix movie!

So, don’t worry. I got a good one for you this week.

This week I got the pleasure to watch the 1991 tragicomedy, My Girl. This film stars Macaulay Culkin (Thomas) and Anna Chlumsky (Vada)It follows 11-year-old Vada as she faces an abundance of ups and downs, too many for a girl her age.

Girl 1

The film opens up in the summer of 1972 with an awkward widowed father who is trying to figure how exactly to raise a daughter by himself. Vada is shown to be more of a tomboy and certainly a hypochondriac. Vada’s father works as a funeral director which has led her to develop an obsession with death. Pretty morbid for an 11-year-old if you ask me.

I may also add that Vada is oh so dramatic, which makes her character that much funnier. My favorite scene would be when she gets her period for the very first time and is convinced that she is dying. Us girls can all relate to Vada.

Vada’s old soul also shines through as she cares for her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimers. Vada would most definitely identify as one of those children who grew up too quickly. But, through all of her adult like duties, she still has time to act like a kid with her best friend Thomas. Thomas and Vada make a great pair, though they will constantly remind us that they are just friends. Thomas is allergic to virtually everything and Vada has the most wonderous mind. You can only imagine the adventures these two take on.

Vada eventually forms a close relationship with the new makeup artist at her father’s funeral parlor, Shelly (Jamie Lee Curtis). Shelly serves as the female figure in Vada’s life and she tends to look for her for guidance. Young Vada also develops a major crush on her fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Bixler. She finds out that Mr.Bixler is teaching an adult poetry class over the summer and is intensely intrigued. However, most 11-year-olds don’t have enough  money to pay for such a class. Sneaky Vada trespasses into Shelly’s trailer and steals some of the money that she has kept hidden in a cookie jar.

Vada just has the most innocent face that it is hard to get mad at her!!

Vada starts to attend Mr.Bixler’s classes and goes through a lot of emotional triumphs. The class suggests that they meditate before each class begins. They sit in a round circle and share their ‘souls’ with one and another. Vada comes to the conclusion that she had indeed killed her mother but her mom died just two days after giving birth to her. Now, no 11-year-old should ever have to consider that. That thought alone demonstrates how beyond her years Vada is.

Shortly, Shelly and Vada’s dad start dating. Of course, Vada is extremely angry towards Shelly and a tad bit jealous. Her dad barely showed her much attention throughout her life and now he is showering Shelly with it. After witnessing her father and Shelly kiss, Vada is curious. She convinces Thomas to kiss her even though he fought her on it for a long time. They share such an innocent first kiss (we all remember those). And after they start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to forget what just happened. Such innocent souls.

girl 2

During one of their many adventures, Vada and Thomas come across a hornet’s nest hanging from the tree. Boys want to prove their masculinity, yes even at 11! So, Thomas decides to knock it down. Vada loses her favorite ring in the process and the two try looking for it but are soon swarmed by the hornets so they decide to leave. As any good best friend would, Thomas returns to scene so he can find Vada’s ring. I know, awwwwwwww! But, the hornets are still hovering and fully attack Thomas.

This part hurts the most.

Thomas is allergic to bees, so certainly he could not handle all of the stings. Thomas shortly dies.

I’ll give you a second to grab your tissue box and calm yourself down.

After hearing the news of the death of her best friend,Vada decides to lock herself in her room and completely isolate herself. She eventually decides to leave on the day of Thomas’s funeral, which is happening in her very own living room. No one could expect an 11-year-old to handle this well. When she comes face to face with Thomas in her casket, her emotions get the best of her and she starts yelling in the midst of the ceremony.

Her famous line is “He can’t see without his glasses!”. It still gets to me.

girl 3

After fleeing the funeral, Vada heads to Mr.Bixler’s house in hope for some comfort. She pleads for him to let her live with him and eventually finds out that he is engaged. This crushes Vada. What more can this little girl take! So, she runs to her and Thomas’s favorite hangout to free all of her emotions and thoughts. Slowly but surely, Vada finds security and guidance in Shelly once again and begins to accept the fact that she will most likely become her stepmother. Thomas’s death also enhances the bond between Vada and her father. He explains to her that her mother’s death was no means her fault and starts to share an abundance of memories with her. This helps Vada deal with her own grief.

Towards the end of the summer, Vada and her father encounter Thomas’s mother on the street. This part filled my heart the most. Thomas’s mother gives Vada back her ring, the one that Thomas went searching for by the hornet’s nest. Through the greatest tragedy, he still managed to get her ring. Vada is such a wise little girl. She assures Thomas’s mother that her mom will take care of Thomas in heaven. On the last day of writing class, Vada courageously shows up and reads a poem she has written about the loss of her best friend.

This movie may break your heart a little but it certainly patches it up. Anyone, despite your age, could learn a lot from Vada. Her strength is contagious and after this film you will feel so empowered.

As always, I recommend this movie to all of my fellow movie lovers. You will not be disappointed. This is Anna Chlumsky’s first major role and she did an outstanding job. I will always give credit to young actors and their amazing talents. Pretty envious as well! So, the next time it rains (which I promise will be soon) make some popcorn and go watch My Girl! But, do not forget the tissues!!!! You will be needing them.

girl 4

New week, new movie!

It is pretty evident how dearly I love and cherish movies. But, I gotta confess. I am very limited in my taste of movies. I am always nervous to expand my taste in genres or actors, I like what I like. This blog has been pushing me to step outside of my movie comfort zone and I hope it has been doing the same for you! For this week’s movie, I asked for recommendations from my brothers. I needed to step away from my beloved romcoms for a moment and get a new perspective. My brother recommended a movie that I would have never selected on my own. And that is my favorite part about writing this blog. I stumble upon great films that I would have never been introduced to and I get to share it with you guys!

So, this week’s movie is 2013 biographical drama titled Fruitvale Station. This may sound familiar to some of you guys, you may be familiar with the incident that occurred there in 2009. For me, I had no idea what this movie was about. But, my brother assured me that it was based on true events and that it is a must see. And he was certainly right.


Fruitvale Station stars Michael B. Jordan as the main character, Oscar Grant. The film depicts the daily life of 22-year old Oscar and his family and friends. Life proves to be extremely difficult for Grant. It begins with Grant arguing with his girlfriend, who he shares a daughter with, over his infidelity. Money is tight for the Grant family, but Oscar devotes all of his earnings to his family. However, those earnings fall short when he gets fired from his job at a local grocery store. Still, Grant is in high spirits. Jordan’s character proves to be one hell of a family man. We see him calling his mom on her birthday and spoiling her with a seafood dinner, despite what little income he has. Also, when his sister calls asking to borrow some rent money, Oscar agrees without any hesitation.

I grew fond of Jordan’s character right away. He may have his flaws and it was indeed his fault for getting fired, but he is trying. He ensures that those around him are happy and goes out of his way to help others. A minor part in the movie was when a customer was confused as to what type of fish to buy. Oscar overheard her debate and offered his assistance. Because he knew he couldn’t be of much help, Oscar instead calls his grandmother on the phone and hands the phone over to the customer. This was such  quick moment in the movie but it really stuck out to me. Oscar did not have to talk to the young woman, nor did he have to go the extra mile to even call his grandmother. This just showed to me that he really was  a selfless person, even he had messed up in the past. After Oscar fails to get his job back, he decides to sell marijuana to a friend for some extra money.  As he waits for his friend to arrive, Oscar thinks back to his horrible days in prison. We see a flashback of Oscar and his mom having a meeting inside the prison. His mom shows him the toughest of love and demands that he gets his life back on track. This memory brought back awful feelings for Oscar. It showed him that he could not lead a life of drug dealing again. So, he decides to throw all the marijuana into the ocean.

After Oscar fails to get his job back, he decides to sell marijuana to a friend for some extra money.  As he waits for his friend to arrive, Oscar thinks back to his horrible days in prison. We see a flashback of Oscar and his mom having a meeting inside the prison. His mom shows him the toughest of love and demands that he gets his life back on track. This memory brought back awful feelings for Oscar. It showed him that he could not lead a life of drug dealing again. So, he decides to throw all the marijuana into the ocean. Once again, we see how desperately Oscar wants to change and how deeply he cherishes his family.

Jordan’s character is the underdog, and we all love a good comeback story.

The relationship between Oscar and his daughter is admirable. She is what keeps him from making the mistakes that he add made in the past all over again. We see a childish side of Oscar when he is with his daughter. He is absolutely loving and adoring towards her. And it is easy to tell that his daughter admires her dad just the same.


Oscar and his family gather at his mother’s house to celebrate her birthday. It is evident that Oscar feels his happiest when surrounded by family. I think we can all relate to that. Her birthday also happens to fall on New Years Eve. Oscar promises his mom that he won’t drive tonight and will instead take the train into the city for celebrations. When Oscar and his girlfriend drop their daughter off at Oscar’s sister’s house, Tatianna (Oscar’s daughter) is reluctant to let them go. She pleads for Oscar to stay the night with her instead of going out. Oscar promises Tatianna that he will take her to Chuckie Cheese the next day and promises that they will have the best day ever. So, as any other child would, Tatianna agrees to stay the night without her parents.

On the train into the city, the couple and their friends face several delays. Knowing that they were going to miss the big countdown, the crew decides to have their own party on the packed train. They bring out speakers and the friends, and even the rest of the train, ring in the New Year celebrating on the train. This moment, to me, was just so blissful. It was such a simple plot line but it evoked such joyous feelings. It showed that no matter where you are in life, all that matters is who you are with. They celebrated their New Years on a train stuck underground and had the times of their lives. It was so nice to watch.


After Oscar and his friends spend their time in the city, a few of the women need to use the bathroom. Of course, all businesses are closed but they find one shop who is just about to close. Oscar pleads with him to let the two ladies use the bathroom and even offers to pay him his very last $10.The shopkeeper agrees and Oscar is extremely grateful. As the women are inside he comes across a pregnant couple also looking for a bathroom. This next instance once again proved how great of a man Oscar Grant is. He goes inside and pleads with the shopkeeper to let the pregnant woman use the bathroom, a woman who is a total stranger to him. He is just a personable character and you just want the best for him because he does everything for everyone else.

On their way home, Oscar comes across the woman from the grocery store in the earlier scenes. She calls out his name, which attracts the attention of one of Oscar’s former inmate. The two get into a minor fight, with several men having back up. They are eventually pulled off of each other but the police are quickly called. Oscar and his friends split up when they see the police coming. However, they are all caught and ordered to sit on the platform. There was an extreme amount of reluctance coming from Oscar’s friends. They were being harshly spoken to and thrown around by the cops. Oscar, though he wasn’t getting treated any better, kept trying to calm everyone down.

Many bystanders and even Oscar himself took out their phones to record the police brutality. Oscar receives a phone call from his girlfriend while being interrogated by the police and assures her that he is fine and things are under control. The police brutality escalates as backup arrives and it leads to Oscar being shot in the back. The only thing Oscar can think about after being shot is that he has a little girl at home, and he kept reminding the police of just that. You can only imagine how furious his friends became after witnessing this.

Even the cops were confused by one of their own’s actions. The shooter himself looked stunned after shooting Oscar. As the ambulance arrives, one of the officers holds Oscar’s hand and just keeps telling him to keep his eyes open.


And if he keeps his eyes open or not is something you will have to find out for yourself. You guys should know by now that I do not spoil any endings for you!

This was not a typical movie choice for me, which may be why I enjoyed it so much. It was only 85 minutes long but was packed with so much content. The movie ended with live footage from actual scene at Fruitvale Station and pictures of the real Oscar Grant. I went the whole movie and forgot that it was based on true events and true people. Remembering this just added to the richness of this film. It is a much more serious and mature film than the previous movies I have reviewed, but it is just as worthy.

I have only seen Michael B. Jordan play a role in comedies, so seeing him in such an intense drama was actually refreshing. He did Oscar Grant justice and told his story effortlessly.

If you’re in the mood for a movie with a meaning, go search for Fruitvale Station. You will be absorbed by Jordan’s character instantly. As always, this is a must watch!!!! It is intense, but it deserves an applause.


April Releases

Since we’re already a few days into April (how the heck did that happen?!) I thought I should share with you guys some upcoming Netflix releases!

The Minions will be making their debut on Netflix within the next month, along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The heart wrenching My Girl will be available to you during April, and so will be Something’s Gotta Give.

We got some great new options to review this month! So please, take a look at the full list in the link below and let me know if there’s any particular title that you would want me to review!

Yay Netflix!


net 1.jpg

The Perfect Movie

It’s movie time!

I actually came across this week’s movie selection by accident. It was originally supposed to serve as some background noise for me to fall asleep to. However, it turned into me not being able to even blink because I was afraid to miss something. It turned into a shouting match between me and my tv (me winning of course). It’s easy to say that I got no sleep last night.

This week’s awesome finding on Netflix is The Perfect Storm. This 2000 movie stars the talented Mark Wahlberg and the adored Geroge Clooney. I don’t think you could even go wrong with these two if you tried. The Perfect Storm tells the true story of a Gloucester, MA commercial vessel boat that got lost at sea during the Perfect Storm of 1991.

ps 1

The movie begins with the crew’s commercial boat the Andrea Gail returning back to Gloucester after a long trip out to sea. Sadly, they return with a poor catch. This movie was extra special and fascinating to me because it takes place in my home state. It was also funny watching the cast of the movie try to replicate Boston accents. However, it didn’t hurt to see Wahlberg sporting a Boston Red Sox cap.

Desperate for more money, Captain Billy Tyne (Clooney) convinces the Andrea Gail crew to join him for one more late season fishing expedition. These fishing expeditions are more drastic than you may be picturing. They don’t consist of a beautiful day out at sea, a trip that lasts no more than a few hours. These men go out into the dangerous waters for weeks a time, leaving behind all loved ones hoping and praying that their boyfriends, fathers, and sons make it back to them alive. As you watch this film, you have to remind yourself that this is all based off of true events. Real men risked their lives to make a living for themselves and their families.

The beginning of the crew’s expedition proves to be highly unsuccessful. The crew all begins to doubt their captain and begin to believe that this trip was a major mistake.Tyne is the most desperate to make something out of this trip and to come back successful. He plans to take trip outside of their usual route, something that raised a lot of controversy amongst the men. But, they take their chances anyway. When they reach the Flemish Cap, they finally find some luck. They catch more fish than ever before and finally believe that this trip was worth saying goodbye to loved ones for who knows how long. We see Wahlberg and the rest of crew cheering as they pull fish by fish up onto their boat. But, we all know as devoted movie watchers that things don’t stay good for too long. I mean, the movie isn’t even half over yet!

ps 2

The first issue they face is the breaking of their ice machine. They need their ice machine to keep the abundance of fish they caught fresh. If they don’t head back to the port now all of their hard work would go to waste. You can only imagine the crews excitement at the news of being able to go home. As the crew starts for home, they get news that a huge storm is building right in their path. So, they are faced with their biggest question : do we go right through it or wait it out? These men have wasted enough time away from their families that they decide to fight the storm and continue home.

This is where my yelling and anxiety started to take place. I wanted to see them reunited with their loved ones as soon as possible but that dark sky that they show did not look promising. Little to the crews knowledge, ahead lies two huge storms combining into one. This was something that no fisherman has ever seen before.

Tragedy prevails when the Andrea Gail loses her antenna, meaning she no longer has any contact with land. The crew is completely by themselves out there in those crazy waters. this forces a sister boat to call in a Mayday for the men.

pa 4

A lost antenna may have been the least of the men’s problems. Throughout the movie, we see plenty of gruesome tragedies that take place on the boat. Countless times a crew member got thrown overboard by the intense wind power and splashing waves. We see the men jumping in after one another to save the lives of their fellow crew members. Also, Wahlberg’s character, Bobby, almost gets his leg bitten off by one of the mega fish that came aboard. In short, the men face total hell while trying to beat out the storm. What breaks my heart the most is when the film flashes to the family members in Gloucester. They all just sit around and stare at the television, listening to how the storm is worsening by the minute. The worst part is that because the Andrea Gail lost its antenna, there is no way to get in contact with the crew. The family is completely helpless and can only hope for the best. Once again, these were real people who had no idea if their loved ones were alive or dead. It is honestly heart wrenching.

The movie also focuses on a three passenger boat that got caught up in the storm. However, unlike the Andrea Gail, this boat was able to reach out the Air National Guard and eventually get rescued. But, their rescue wasn’t easy and joyous. The three passengers were already thrown into the rapid waves when they Air National Guard helicopter found them. Their original rescue plan was not able to work due to how dangerous and violent the waves were, so one of the men in the helicopter dove from his plane into the water to save the three passengers. This part really stuck with me. The way the man did not even hesitate to jump in the water to save others was unbelievable. Yes, I understand that this is basically his job but the conditions of the weather were so extreme that it was even unsafe for him to be in those waters. At this point, I am really yelling at the tv. I’m yelling at the National Guard worker to save those poor people and to save himself.

You would not want to watch a movie with me.

When they finally rescue the three passengers, the Air National Guard receives the Mayday alert for the Andrea Gail. Once again, without hesitation, the helicopter fights through brutal winds to find Clooney and his men. The movie flashes back to the Andrea Gail and they are surely holding on for dear life. With several broken windows on board, the boat is constantly being rushed by water. The crew may have well been thrown overboard. Realizing that there is no way that they can fight this storm anymore, the crew makes a decision to turn the boat around and wait out the storm. Turning the boat around sounds like the ideal plan, right? Well, that is what I thought too. But, the movie shows how extremely difficult and dangerous to do such a turn around in this weather. However, they had no better option.

On their way to rescue the men of Andrea Gail, the Air National Guard are running out of fuel very fast. When they fail to perform a midair refueling with a fellow plane, they crew realizes they have no better shot at survival than jumping into the water. I couldn’t imagine making this type of decision. Their situation was so horrible that their best option was to jump into the storm. It blows my mind and kills me to know that real life people had to make this life changing decision.

We see the men of the helicopter fighting their way through the massive waves. They eventually get rescued by a passing by Coast Guard ship, however, losing one man along the way.

The Andrea Gail is about to perform the greatest turn-around that they have ever performed. They successfully turn their ship around and hope is restored in them all. They even see sunshine for the first time in days. We hear Walhberg say to Clooney that they may actually make it out of this thing alive. Once again, the good only lasts for a few seconds. After that quick glimpse of light, the crew is met with their biggest wave yet.Billy tells Bobby (Wahlberg) to apply full power to ride over the wave; it seems that they may make it over, but the wave starts to break and the boat overturns.

Ps  3

Though I would love to spoil the final minutes for you, I certainly cannot. The ending of this movie is the biggest part and you just have to watch it for yourself. The suspense in this movie is overwhelming. I promise you that you too will be yelling at your television. You want these men to live but they are hit with every possible obstacle and difficulty. Anything bad that could happen happened. You know how I love my rom-com’s but this has to be one of the greatest movies that I have seen. And once again, you need to keep in mind that is was based on actual events.

If you’re in the mood for a good cry, I advise you to turn on The Perfect Storm right now. If you admire bravery, this is the movie for you. If you like movies, this is the movie for you!!! It is truly a must watch guys (I know I say this about every movie but it is true!). I hope you guys get as involved in it as I did and I hope you don’t cry as hard as I did.

Until next time!

13 Going on Netflix

And we’re back!

This week I was searching for a little comedy, a little romance. And I came across the perfect combination, 13 Going on 30. What could end an eventful Saturday night better than a fantasy rom-com? If this title doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you’re in for a great ride. Now, this surely is not my first time watching this movie. Because I watched it (and loved it) so many times I thought it would be a great film to share with all of you!

This delightful film stars the beautiful and oh so talented Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink. Remember how awful that “awkward stage”? Remember how badly you couldn’t wait to grow up and be on your own. Well, that is exactly what Jenna had wished for for her 13th birthday. She was sick of being uncool and not being a part of the exclusive Six Chicks click at her school. What a typical life of a teenage girl. All Jenna had was her best friend Matt, played by Matt Ruffalo, and the immense amount of tissues that was stuffed into her bra. Bet you guys don’t miss those days.

13 1.jpg

Jenna saw her 13th birthday as her last chance to finally make it into the Six Chicks. She invited the whole click to her house, along with a group of boys and Matt. Teenager girls are mean, and the Six Chicks were no exception. As Jenna waited patiently in her closet for her crush to come and play ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ (I know, I’m sorry for any horrid memories that just came back to the surface), the Six Chicks ditched the party and led Matt into the closet. This makes Jenna furious and blames Matt for scaring away the party and she decides to lock herself in the closet.She cries and rocks backs and forth, bumping into the wall, wishing to be “30, flirty, and thriving”. The wishing dust from the dollhouse that Matt got her for her birthday sprinkles on her, causing her to fall asleep.

I think we can all relate to Jenna at this point. We’ve all been through the embarrassing teen days, especially the ones where our crush doesn’t like us back. If you want to relive those days, then I highly recommend this movie to you!

The next morning, Jenna awakens as a 30-year-old woman (Jennifer Garner) living in a Fifth Avenue apartment. It is now 2004, and Jenna has no memory of the 17 years that have passed since her 13th birthday.Wow, imagine having the option to skip the awkward stage!!! No longer a 13-year-old girl with teased hair or blue eye shadow, Jenna now works as an editor for her favorite fashion magazine. And the best part is that Tom-Tom, the leader of the Six Chicks, is now Jenna’s best friend. What a small world it is.

Jenna slowly starts to piece her new life together, through the help of her ex-best friend Matt.When she finally hunts down Matt, she learns that they haven’t talked since her 13th birthday party and that she finally got her dream of becoming popular.Matt is now a struggling photographer and is also engaged while Jenna is dating a famous hockey player. If you’re like me, this would totally bum you out because you were rooting for Jenna and Matt to end up together. I love being a hopeless romantic.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is when Jenna explores her new, fancy closet. We see colorful shoes, purses and plenty of makeup. Don’t worry, Jenna still embraces the blue eye shadow. This movie is great because of how naive Jenna is, she’s not used to finally having boobs and eats licorice during business meetings.

13 2.png

Jenna finally decides to live her new life and finds a love in her job. She designs a whole new look for the magazine that everyone at the office loves. This all would have been impossible without the help from Matt. This continues to break my heart because we are introduced to Matt’s fiance. Oh,  there is also a totally a unsexy strip tease scene put on by Jenna’s boyfriend. You totally don’t want to miss out on that one.

Also, the soundtrack to this movie is AMAZING. Sometimes I watch it solely for the musical purpose.

Things seem to be going well for Jenna until her so called bff Tom Tom betrays her. I guess mean girls will always be mean girls. Tom Tom sets her up and makes it appear as if she has been sabotaging her magazine by sending their material to a competitor. Jenna’s just so innocent that you can’t help but feel bad for her! Come on, she wears chop sticks in her hair! She heads back to her hometown in New Jersey and hides in the same closet as 17 years before and cries. Her parents return and find her hiding, and they welcome her in for the night. The next day, she reminisces by looking through school yearbook and other items from her school days and catches up on the 17 years she doesn’t remember.

Jenna’s sick of being an adult and wants to return to being that awkward teenager who had it easy. Sound familiar to anyone else?

When Jenna remembers that Matt is getting married that day, she rushes to his house and begs him to call off the wedding. This part, my fellow romantics, you will love. Matt realizes he loves Jenna but cannot change the past. Okay, a mix of emotions but we are getting somewhere I promise. From his closet, he pulls the “dream house” that he made 17 years before, and Jenna asks for it back. Jenna leaves in tears, crying over the dream house. Jenna hears wedding bells, implying that Matt has already married. But viewers never actually see Matt marry.

But…… we never actually see Matt marry. See, there’s hope.

Unknown to Jenna, specks of wishing dust remain on the dream house, and she silently wishes to be 13 again. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself back in the closet of the basement at her parents’ house in 1987. This is where the ‘fantasy’ aspect of the movie comes in. Who would really wish to be 13 again? Come on, Jenna! But, I gotta say, I would do anything to be able to wear a scrunchie in my hair again without being judged. So, I feel you on that one Jenna.

Our happy ending finally comes. Back to being that 13-year-old hiding in the closet, Jenna jumps on Matt when he enters the closet and kisses him. And she totally disses Tom Tom. which was sooooo great. The underdogs finally win. The movie fast forwards to Jenna and Matt’s wedding (I KNOW I’M SO HAPPY TOO!). And the most magical part is that the newly weds live in a house that is designed just like Jenna’s “dream house” doll house.

13 3.jpg

Ahhhh this movie just makes my heart happy and I promise it will do the same for you! Jennifer Garner does such an excellent job playing a 13-year-old trapped in a 30-year-olds body. This movie shows that we need to stop wishing to grow up so fast! Though they aren’t the best, we need to enjoy those teen years. We need to wear as much blue eye shadow as we possibly can and tease our hair as much as possible. Just embrace your youth! Enjoy being young. You grow up much quicker than you think, and that’s what this movie shows.

I could watch this movie just about every night, so I think you guys should give it a try. There’s also a killer “Thriller” dance scene that will make your night. If you guys get a chance to watch it, let me know! I wanna know your favorite part or favorite line! Hope you guys enjoy your movie night!

13 4




Watching Movies and Listening to the Radio

New week, new movie!

I hope some of you guys got a chance to watch last weeks movie Good Will Hunting. If so, I would love to hear your opinions! But, if not, we have a whole new week to hopefully appeal to your movie taste. As I was strolling through Netflix today looking for a movie to find, my mom peered over my shoulder (as usual) and screeched when I scrolled past the movie Radio. She knows all about my blog and questioned how I could read about the movie and simply pass over it. I told her that it seemed too sad and how I just recently reviewed a pretty emotionally heavy movie. Oh but mother knows best. My mom started to explain that Radio was more than just your typical tear jerker, and she promised me a satisfying ending. So, here we are.

I hate to say it, but my mother was right.

Today I watched the 2003 drama Radio, directed by Michael Tollin. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as a developmentally disabled 18-year old who finds a love for football, high school, and the radio. Along the way, he meets Coach Jones, played by Ed Harris who quickly grows quite fond of Radio (Gooding). Before I get into any specifics, I should add that this movie is based on a true story. I promise it makes the movie all the more worthwhile.


The movie begins with our main character, Radio, pushing around his shopping cart with his few belongings throughout a small town in South Carolina. It is evident that Radio sees no wrong in the world and is as happy as one could be. He spends his days watching the local high school football team practice, and he is surely in awe. One day, Radio comes across a lost football and decides to add it to his shopping cart. To us, a football may just be another unnecessary item in our backyard or just another after school activity. For Radio, however, it was the most beautiful treasure known to man.

It only took me a few minutes to fall in love with Gooding’s character. His innocence is desirable. So, when the punks of the football team decided that it would be a hilarious practical joke to lock Radio into the equipment room, my heart totally shattered. I know they sound awful now, but these players do redeem themselves.

This is where we meet Coach Jones. And in my opinion, he is the greatest part of the whole movie (sorry Radio). It first may be out of guilt, but after finding what his players did to Radio, Jones asks Radio to come to practice the next day and assist him. After Coach Jones also asks Radio to eat dinner with him, we finally learn where Gooding gets his nickname from. Radio is quite silent at the beginning of the movie, and we, therefore, don’t find out his name until the middle of the movie. But, I mean, the nickname “Radio” can really only have one meaning. Yes, he had a fascination for radios. He was intrigued by Coach Jones’s radio and was in love with how the stations and songs were constantly changing.

Once again, this innocence was simply beautiful to me. I wish more people appreciated the little things the way Radio did.


Coach Jones proves to be a unique character straight away. He gives Radio the radio, drives him home, and encourages him to come to practice. I forgot to add that this movie is set in the 1970’s and that Radio is a black male while the coach and majority of the football team are white males. Racism is certainly still an issue at this time and, therefore, enriches the character of Coach Jones.

At practices, Radio helps run football drills and totally embodies the “assistant coach” role. We see him cheering enthusiastically on the sidelines at every game. But, my personal favorite part would be when the team was losing and Radio ran up and down the bench hitting the boys’ shoulders screaming “Don’t quit!”. If this doesn’t bring an insanely awesome smile to your face then there must be something the matter with you. And I say this with all my heart! Radio’s happiness and positivity are contagious. Yes even through a computer screen.

The greatest part is that Radio’s affection is reciprocated. We know that Coach Jones has a personal liking for him, but the entire town starts to love him. The football players see him as a teammate, the cheerleaders welcome him to their squad, and the crowd greets him with a roar of cheers. The sight is so heart warming, it is just something you have to see for yourself. However, with acceptance comes opposition. Of course, there are those parents who believe that Coach Jones has become too distracted with Radio that he no longer can properly coach their sons. Boo!!!!

Because of the complaints from some parents, Radio is not allowed to join the football team on the bus to their away game. Radio doesn’t see this as a mean thing, he doesn’t think that this was out of spite. Instead, he takes this opportunity to have a football game of his own. Radio heads to the high school’s home field and sticks his radio in the ground (the one which he is using to follow the football game), and runs several plays that he has observed throughout the past weeks. His happiness is such a wonderous sight. It as if he was living out his dreams, or following in the footsteps of those he idolizes. May I add that it was also down pouring! Come on, the rain just makes the scene so much more dramatic and you can’t help but wish that you there to play with him.

Coach Jones is more than just a football coach. He enjoys teaching Radio the rules of football but he doesn’t stop there. Coach Jones also goes out of his way to visit Radio at home and takes him out to breakfast constantly. There’s an instance where Coach Jones teaches Radio proper table etiquette. Coach Jones proves to have an unlimited amount of kindness in his heart, and also much patience. I think all of us girls need this kind of man in our lives.

At one of the games, Radio sticks up for Coach Jones when he receives a penalty. Though he may have told the other team constantly what play they would be running, he still won the game ball that night. It was the most genuine moment. The joy that action brought him was so blissful. But, sadly, the season comes to and end and Radio could not be any sadder.

Just like how his happiness is contagious, his sadness is too.


Being a teacher as well, Coach Jones takes time out of his days to tutor Radio. Because he is in the school a lot, Radio soon becomes the most popular kid there. He even scores a job helping out with the basketball team. When Christmas comes around, the whole town gets together to buy Radio several gifts. What is it about Christmas that automatically elicits joyous feelings? Radio’s story is so happy and victorious, so of course tragedy has to strike. It begins with Radio being arrested. But, that is all I am going to tell you. The story is such an emotional roller coaster that I refuse to ruin it for you! And then a few of the basketball guys trick Radio into going into the girls locker room. You can only imagine how awfully my heart broke. Oh, but just wait. The tragedies keep on coming.

Radio’s mom then dies. See, it was all going too well for too long. Coach Jones takes on full responsibility for taking care of Radio and helps him through his toughest moments. Even when some town members insist that Radio is removed from their school system, Jones prevails and ensures that Radio is welcomed to the high school whenever he pleases.

My mom was right, the story ends on a high note. Radio is honored at the high school’s graduation as an honoree “graduate” and also receives a letterman jacket from the guys on the football team. My heart is once again whole.


I know that this post was extremely long, and if you’re still reading I salute you. But, this story needed to be told. The movie had so much content and was so powerful that I felt that no detail could be left out. Every detail was important. Gooding may have no had a whole lot of lines, but his portrayal of Radio was astounding. He was faced with a difficult character, one that could lead to a lot of controversies if done inappropriately. But, in my opinion, he handled the character with much grace and respect. It was also a nice touch at the end when the director incorporated footage of the real-life Radio and Coach Jones.

There is not much more I could say about this movie other than it is a MUST watch. You don’t have to be a football fan, nor know anything abut football to appreciate it. Anyone of any age could learn something from this story, and for that reason, I highly, highly recommend it to you guys.

What a better way to end Spring break than with a nice heartfelt movie. Once again, if you guys get the chance to watch I would love nothing to more than to hear your opinions!! I get tired of reading my own words sometimes, so reading all of yours would be such a nice change. Go and enjoy Radio!



Finding the “Good” on Netflix

Welcome back, movie lovers!

Last week I reviewed the adored moving Serendipity. Nothing ends a hectic weekend better than a love story. This week, however, we’re getting a little more serious. I felt that last weekend was such an easy week, that this week I needed to find something with depth.

And my searching brought me to the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. I have heard a lot of praise about this movie, so I may say I was pretty surprised when I found it on Netflix. But, I am certainly glad that I did. Good will

The film stars 27-year-old Matt Damon and 25-year-old Ben Affleck. I mean, I didn’t even have to look at what the movie was about to know I would enjoy this movie. Who could resist these two men?  What was even more appealing to a Suffolk Univeristy student was like me, was that the film was set and filmed in Boston. So, if you are not a fan people who lack the letter “r” in their alphabet, this movie may not be for you. However, I think this movie is for everyone. Except for the young ones, the movie is rated R and has some intense language. Highly do not recommend it for family movie night, even though there are some great lessons to be learned from it.

Good Will Hunting begins in a mathematics classroom at the prestigious MIT. However, the brainiacs who make up that classroom are not the prime focus. Instead, the movie is showcased around the school’s janitor, Will Hunting (Damon). Hunting’s story is far from perfect. He’s been thrown around from foster home to foster hood, living in the least ideal situations as well. Hunting and Chuckie Sullivan (Affleck) are your typical neighborhood troublemakers. You know, the one’s who are constantly in and out of the police station because they started some fight at the park. But, Hunting actually has a secret gift. He’s a math genius!

While cleaning up the halls of MIT one night, he saw on the chalkboard a nearly impossible math problem that professors presented in order to stump their students. If Will was anything like me, these numbers would have burned his eyes. However, these numbers did nothing but intrigue him and he solved the problem quickly and correctly. All of the MIT professors want to work with Hunting after finding out how swiftly he solved the problem. As part of his probation, he must meet with an MIT professor and meet with a therapist.

After scaring away several therapists, Hunting finally clicks with Sean Maguire, who is played by the absolutely talented and missed Robin Williams. His role surely added to the richness of the film. It was such a blissful moment to see Williams back on the screen. Maguire becomes the only person Hunting is able to open up to, and he soon becomes a mentor figure. The bond that is formed between these two is remarkable, and I wish I could put it into words. But, maybe the fact that I can’t, will make you guys want to watch it even more.

Good will 2

This movie proves to have every aspect of an A+ movie. There is struggle, there is friendship and humor, there is sorrow and victory. And, of course there is love. The love story between Hunting and Skylar (Minnie Driver)  isn’t all flowers and chocolate. It is real. They fall for each other, go through their honeymoon phase, and then deal with some major problems. When Skylar pleads for Will to join her on your journey to California, he is extremely hesitant because he is fearful that she will no longer love him one day. But seriously, who could ever stop loving Matt Damon????

We see a highly vulnerable side of Hunting, and it is my favorite part of the whole movie. His insecurities are so genuine and raw that any viewer could relate. Hunting’s major issue is that he is too scared of ever asking for help, or looking as if he needs it. He feels that it would make him less of a person, and does not want anyone’s pity.

Hunting’s intelligence leads to several major job opportunities from the government, specifically from the NSA. $84,000 would sound appealing to anyone, but, Hunting is hesitant because he doesn’t want to live his life as a “lab rat”. This once again shows how realistic of a character Will Hunting is, with such concrete characteristics.

The movie ends with Affleck’s character peeking inside of Hunting’s apartment to see nothing but emptiness. Oh, you totally know that I won’t be telling you what happened to Will. But, I’ll leave you wondering whether or not he took the job with NSA, or if he went to find Skylar, or if he decided to continue working as a construction worker. The ending is always the best part, so you must find out for yourself.

good will 4

This movie was one of the most influential that I have ever watched. It was so complex and rich in content. Also, the constant shots of Boston certainly made this movie all the much better. Damon did an extraordinary job with his character, as did Williams. You just could not go wrong with such an all-star cast. If you’re looking for a story that truly has meaning and purpose to it, then I recommend Good Will Hunting to you. The last 15 minutes will leave you in tears, at least for me it did. The movie is also jam packed with amazing quotes:

“You’ll have bad times but it’ll wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

“People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff.”

I urge you nothing more than to spend some time to watch this movie, you will not regret it. I couldn’t be more grateful that Netflix offers such an  intricate and influential movie. Please take advantage of it! We all need a good movie in our lives, and this could be yours. I hope you guys take away as much as I did from it! Once again, let me know your thoughts! I love hearing from you all.

Good will3


Sweet Serendipity

Hi, everyone! If you’re reading this right now you must be in need of a good movie to watch while you are trying to forget the fact that you have loads of homework to get through. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here! This week was pretty difficult and highly stressful for me, so I really needed a movie that will clear my mind and bring me into a fantasy world for two hours. Now what kind of movie can do just that better than a romantic comedy? We all enjoy living through other’s picture perfect relationships, don’t we?

And I sure did pick the ideal love story.

This week I will be reviewing the 2001 rom-com Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Come on, doesn’t the title itself just scream perfection? I think that is what drew me really. Serendipity. A fortunate accident. Now if you are a hopeless romantic like I am then that word just makes your heart leap.I found that the director, Peter Chelsom, did a great job of setting up a flawless love story. The movie takes place in New York City during Christmastime. It all adds up wonderfully. Serendipity begins with Jonathan (Cusack) and Sara (Beckinsale) meeting at a retail store and just so happened to go for the same pair of gloves. The cliche’s arise within the first 5 minutes of the movie, but, it so works.

Oh, did I mention that it is also snowing?

Serendipity 1

Our main leads spend their night together discussing the idea of fate over a cup of hot chocolate at a restaurant named Serendipity. You can not escape the word, so just learn to love it. Sara is a firm believer in destiny, she believes that everything happens for a reason. And, therefore, believes that if she and Jonathan are meant to be together then they will find one another in the future. Sara writes her number on the back of a book and vows to bring it to a local bookstore and if Jonathan finds it then they will know that fate is real. Jonathan, on the other hand, writes his number on a $5 bill and promises Sara the same.

And that is where their story ends, for now.

I was rooting for this fate driven couple to find their way back but instead, I am faced with a time jump. You may be thinking that this could be a good thing, and Sara and Jonathan may have found each other and are living happily ever after.

Nope, that is only the plot line I devised in my head. Sara is engaged. Jonathan is engaged. No problem. Except, they are not engaged to each other. While writing this I am getting mad at the plot line, even though I know what happens next.

For the rest of the movie, we see Jonathan and Sara searching for subconsciously each other but never having any luck. Jonathan makes sure to stop at every used bookstore in hope that he will find Sara’s number written inside of the book’s front cover. He never did find it, that is until his fiance gave him the copy with Sara’s number for their wedding. Ohhhhh the irony. And Sara also still checks the back of any $5 bill she comes into contact with and never has any luck. Until her best friend comes across it.

I think rom-com’s are allowed to exceed the normal level of irony.

Seren 2

Now, what these two do with their findings is totally up to you to find out. The ending is the past part (or is it). I guess you will just have to go on Netflix and watch it yourself. Does Sara call Jonathan? Does Jonathan get married or does he call it off? I recommend you procrastinate that homework for a little bit longer and go and enjoy this precious love story.

How could you say no to love cliches? We all need some corniness in life and Serendipity will provide you with just that.

I am extremely pleased with my first movie choice. My mindset of Netflix is already changing. If they can offer me a love story as wonderous as this one then I wonder what else is in store for me? I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me! If you do get the chance to watch it please let me know your thoughts of it. Also, I need your help guys! What movie genre should I take on next week? Are we feeling some suspense, or maybe we want to laugh? Let me know!

Until next week my fellow Netflix lovers xoxoxo.

Seren 3