And That’s A Wrap…

For at least now that is!

With the summer approaching, I am making a promise to myself to get outside more and actually do things! I know, this is quite major. So, sadly I have to step away from my computer screen and take a little break from Netflix.

But, that does not mean I will be gone forever! There will always be those days when I just need to curl up with a bag of popcorn (or two) and just have a nice movie marathon. This means I will be needing your help! Throughout these past few weeks I have served as your ultimate movie guide. And now it is your turn!! I want you guys to explore Netflix, try something new. When you do, I wanna hear all about it. Give me some great movie suggestions, or even what movies to stay away from. What made you laugh, what made you cry, or what made you absolutely yawn. Share everything with me. I need to start building up my “must watch” list and would love you guys to help me.

Until next time my fellow movie lovers.


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